Kimberly Kreations is owned and operated by Kimberly Lavoie, a professional seamstress dedicated to improving the image and self confidence of above average size individuals by creating the look that fits YOUR STYLE.

Sewing has always been a labor of love for Kimberly. She started at a young age in high school and continued to develop her skills from there. She is a member of the American Sewing Guild and has taken a professional seamstress class at Evergreen Fabrics.

Her sewing experience includes Prom Dresses, Bridesmaid's Dresses, Casual, Formal and Business Attire, and Lingerie for those special occasions.

Her professional experience includes work for two clothing manufactures and one home decorating manufacturer as the head of the sewing department. She continues to learn new techniques and works to create a look that is right for you down to the smallest detail.

Kimberly has a degree in Small Business Management from Hesser College amd belongs to Microcredit of New Hampshire.

Call 224-4245 to see what she can do for you and get a free consultation.



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